Attached is a dataflash log from my APM 2.6 running the latest firmware. I flew for ~ 12 minutes but most of the data is missing ?

See the image below and the log is attached.

All my logs have missing data.



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This has been a long standing issue, the best way to get the logs for a long flight is to remove the SD card and manually copy them over.

Hi, i did not know that this was a known bug.as i have an apm 2.6, there is no sd card. Is there a workaround for the apm 2.6?

I didn't know either.

However, I too have had some funny graphs out of the mission planner recently. Meaning that once or twice I've had to close the log viewer and reopen it to see the full time span rendered. So there might be some oddities with the log viewer sometimes. 


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