you are free and welcome to join

my Pigeon Camera Drone Project

following the success of Pigeon Air Patrol Project by Romain Lacombe.

I am looking for lightweight smart air quality sensors and other sensors and GPS tracking board to put them all on the back of pigeons

and let them track air quality parameters, geolocate sensors' received data.

I am looking for tiny cameras which can be put on the back of pigeons.

Pigeon Camera Drone Project


Open Technology Park

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I seem to recall that a videographer in Dubai (Qata ?) rigged up cameras on raptors or trained eagles probably a year or two ago.  You might get in touch with him (he's known about the Persian Gulf I understand although I don't recall his name).


Thank you for your interest in my Pigeon Camera Drone Project

Dubai camera eagle links and video



I live in EU, either he (France) and have no access to trained eagles or raptors.


Darshan has been trained by falconer Jacques-Olivier Travers from a breeding facility in Thonon, France.


I really love my pigeon pets and all I can do is to put tiny video camera as a backpack

+ air quality sensors + GPS data logger as in Pigeon Air Control Project run in London.

No remote control, no radio link.

I am sure fail-safe RTL to work fine with pigeons.


tried to contact Falconer Jacques-Olivier Travers 

via Twitter, Facebook, email.

He seems to be too busy to live on the Internet.

I am in touch with Romain Lacombe and his Pigeon Air Patrol Project.

Jacques is using 300 g camera with his eagle pet

so I assume, in case of pigeon I need to cut weight by 10

just to 30g tiny camera.

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It's an interesting idea.  But, if a pigeon is carrying a camera or other sensors does that make it a "drone"?  If I put a camera or other sensors on my dog does she become an Ardu "rover"?


David R. Boulanger

Well the tech is "widely" available, but ...not for all. BLACK HORNET NANO

Nano UAV - Black Hornet - PD-100 PRS

So, first try to get one of this Black Hornets. Tthen get rid of motors, props, FC and what remains are sensors cameras (3!) GPS! Done! :-)


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