This is a diy project I started based on information assembled from different places. Some inspiration comes from a guy who posted a blog about a FPV suitcase for less than 160$, i reused some of his ideas. I would like now to share this in the diydrones community for the people who like FPV.

I will explain briefly heredunder how this was built, with cheap parts (except the screen that costs alone 99$ but you could reuse instead an old DVD player screen. Unfortunately my kids destroyed it before I got get a second life for it).

Anyway I started by getting for 25$ on amazon this suitcase, normally used for cameras. It has a dimension of 26cm (L) x 32 cm (W) x 14 cm (H). I like this format because it is quite compact and light to carry:


Initially the suitcase come with an ugly foamy inside that i removed completely =>garbage. I just kept the foam cubes that you will see later on the picture for arraging and holding the bits and pieces in place.

I then took some balsa wood plates (2.5mm thick, I think a 1/10") to cover completely the inside top and bottom : it gives a warmer touch, it is soft, it is beautiful and it is non conductive which can be usefulnot to get shorts between devices:

I placed the screen against the top cover of the suitcase, leaving some place to place the receiver and a voltage meter like this :

To hide the ugly electronics and cables, I cut to size a rigid foamy cardboard material that is normally sold to artists for whatever these guys do I shall never be able to match. Here is a detail of this material which is quite easy to cut with a hobby knife:

This black foamy cardboard is held in place , flush to the top cover, with the use of magnets (that you can find in shops for kitchen cupboards for ex -> do not take those of your kitchen cupboards, this might cause some trouble with Madame).

I detoured the cardboard to be able to see the voltmeter and to be able to push the buttons for changing the receiver's channels. I also let a whole in the bottom right corner to place cables and a battery:

For the antenna, a quick dremel made this possible with the cap on :

and with the cap off:

and with the antenna screwed on:

That's it for the upper part of the suitcase.

Now for the bottom part, I use it to place all the bits and pieces, batteries, cables, RF filter, Antennas, etc. To hold the pieces in place, this suitcase came with pre-cut foam blocks that you can just cut to your own needs:


You can observe on this picture the balsa covering.

The suitcase looks like this:

I put in there : a video splitter/booster (to see and record at the same time), a USB video grabber, a bunch of cables, a RF filter, antennas (for the suitcase itself, for the multicopter, telemetry, etc), cameras, etc.





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Nice build. My only recomendation is to use silver cases in sunnier climates. Black gets really hot out in the field.

Amazing.  Well done.

in Belgium we would even add heaters on them :)


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