Hello Friends,

   I have 6 flight modes set up using my Gear and 3 way switches. They work fine. I would like one more flight mode, Stabilize in the Simple mode using my throttle hold switch. Can you have more than 6 Flight Modes?
Thank You

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You can use Ch 7 or 8 for simple mode:

Thanks Markus,

   It looks like that will do it. I'll give it a try.


Just a bit of a correction...simple mode is more a variation on existing modes rather than a separate flight mode.  So it changes the inputs from the pilot so that they're always as if the copter was facing in the direction it was when it was armed...but Markus's comment is correct for RTL which can be triggered from the channel 7 and/or 8.

Besides, that, you cannot put more than 6 flight modes but you could use an android ground station to give you access to all the flight modes via telemetry.

Randy, now I am confused. There is a simple mode option for CH7 and 8, isn't it?


     yes there is but 'simple mode' is not really a flight mode.  It modifies how the pilot's inputs are interpreted.  So I don't think that's what Jerry was looking for.

But it should be possible to make 1 more modes on ch5, as the 6.th mode is only 1750-1879 PWM. So technical there could be 1 more from 1880 +   :o)

I use the 2 -3 pos switches for the modes, on my dx8. Would be nice to have some more modes.


Perhaps...but seriously...how many do you really need for a 15minute flight?  ...and can you remember all the positions?  I'd say keep playing with it a bit and see if 6 is enough or not.

Thanks Guys,

   My 6 modes are Stabilize, Acro, ALT Hold, Loiter, RTL and Auto.

The problem I seem to run into most often is losing it because I'm flying too far away.

It would be nice to have something besides RTL to get me back into view. I thought Simple Mode in Stabilize would be nice.

Now if I can figure out which pin to connect the radio to on my Crius aiop V2 board so it will show up on the Radio Calibration screen in Mission Planner as channel 7.

It will be a few days before I can test it. My wife has been out of town for a week. She gets home tomorrow. SOMEBODY better clean this place.

Thanks again



Well I couldn't stand waiting so I just did it. It works great.

I will probably get rid of some of these Flight modes in the future but for now I'm in training and I use them all.

Thanks for your help

Back to work


Right now its 10 min :)  but hope to get 30 with my new motors

Yes ur right... i have a little card with all the modes on, and im sure(in time) i will find 3-4 modes i will use most.



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