Hello all my first test flight with the ardupilot on a hex + frame was a disaster but to my problem,

when i goto cli setup motors when the front and back motor works on the pitch stick but when i try the roll stick left or right no motors work at all?

my motor connection are being motor 1 at thr front moving clockwise is:

motor 1 to pinout pos 1

motor 2 to pinout pos 4

motor 3 to pinout pos 8

motor 4 to pinout pos 2

motor 5 to pinout pos 3

motor 6 to pinout pos 7

This setup worked fine on the old kk board.

any help would be much appreciated.

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Hi Marc,
Could you please share with the forum a bit more detail of your configuration. Btw I have to admit I too am puzzled by the behaviour ur describe ...

Did you set + vs X in the setup? And have you checked motor rotation direction?

I don't know about the Motors commands with hexas. I only fly quads. Maybe somebody else can help you there.


i have a hex + configuration wierd thing is when i throttle up all motors work but it lurch's to the right and yaws left,

on doing motor test in the cli the two motors on the right and the two on the left do not work?

hi chris,

yes it is setup as a + frame and all motors are rotating the correct ways with correct cw and ccw props.



We were just talking about this the other day in my forums. The end of the thread may help you. Check post 71 and 72.

Let me know.

hello thanks for that, yep mine is correct also just relised what PID means PID = Person In Distress :)


Glad that helped you out!

With luck there is no more distress.


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