I originally built my quadcopter using someone else's plans.  It flew well, but I quickly found that it "needed" additional equipment (camera gimbal, GoPro, longer landing legs, FPV transmitter, etc.).  These add-ons seem to have pushed the aircraft past its optimization point and eCalc estimates my hover throttle at 85% and flight time with a 3S/2200mAh battery to be 3.4 minutes for the aircraft's current weight (the flight time seems to be spot on, I need to test out the hover throttle).  I'm in the process of trying to shed weight from the aircraft and am even considering going with larger motors.  Unfortunately, I'm a bit confused about how to spec motors for this thing.

My question for you guys is, how do YOU go about designing a multicopter?  Do you use a proven setup and slap an APM on it?  Poke and prod at eCalc until it spits out something reasonable?  Have a better understanding of motor specs and the thrust capabilities than I'm familiar with?

I'm particularly concerned about how you approach selecting a specific motor/prop combo for your aircraft.

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And about the Higher Kv's, I like it because it makes the vibrations frequency increase, and amplitude decrease.

That makes sense.  Thanks.


Would you be willing to give me some information on your in-house built metal quad (frame design, batteries, motors, etc.)?  A 30 minute flight time would be amazing, and I'm starting to think that the more I read, the less I want to try to design something from scratch.  Would you be willing to share a bit?



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