Is there a way to tell if Tx loss signal initiated my RTL

Im about pretty sure it did as I was FPV 2,000 feet away, but still I want to be sure.

If there is no way to tell thats okay, just wondered.



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Yep, that was it. Between 1.5 to 2 minutes you had a radio failsafe three times, the first when you were about 2,260' from launch. It stayed in RTL until about 3.5 minutes when you switched it to PosHold.

Tom, thank you so much...but teach me to fish :-)

1) how can you tell the radio lost signal? 

Im looking at GPS > Alt, is that the right way or is there a better one?

2) how can you tell the distance from launch?

The first clue is the big red error banners on the top of the graph saying "Failsafe Radio" for a start.

Another thing you can do is right click on the bar just above row 1. You'll see a Filter dialog box appear. Filter on ERR and  it will show only those rows which are ERRs. To decode them, visit this web page to see a list of the APM error codes near the bottom of the page.

The distance from launch can be found by looking at the GPS row for the coordinates at launch, and then at the nearest GPS row when it hit its first failsafe at line 4710.

Perfect, thanks, the only part I knew was the big red banners...that link you sent was great, I guess I never saw it before for some reason.

I tried it too, once I had the coordinates I used this page to cal the distance.


Glad it worked out. I should have mentioned that one of the very first things I do when looking at any log is to filter for ERRs and see if there's anything going on. Sometimes I'm surprised to find things I had no idea were there.

I took a look at the other errors and see a lot of

ERR, Subsys = 11, ECode = 0, GPS

The link indicates
GPS Glitch cleared.

Sounds like nothing to worry about

Also ERR, Subsys 18, ECode = 0, 16

Baro glitch cleared

Once again I assume nothing to worry about...should I be getting these or is this normal?

Thanks for teaching me how to fish :-)



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