Now that the LidarLite is off the market (until Garmin brings it back), there are not many options for accurate altitude sensing.

I have a optical flow sensor that I would like to mount up, but I don't want to spend $250 for the Lightware SF11, or $230+ for a TeraRanger.

So, my question to any developers:  will ArduPilot be adding firmware support for this sensor?

The specs and the price seem very promising:

  Leddar One single element sensor module

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Actually, I was limited in time to finish my previous work. But it's great if the problem is solved and even if somebody used any part of my work. Thank you for the support!

Randy said:

In an interesting turn, a pull-request has come in for the LeddarOne.  I think it's a new effort, separate from what Anton has done above.  Not sure if I'm being cheeky or not but maybe Anton could look over this PR?  It's perhaps a bit of a shame to have two separate developments of the driver but on the other hand, two is better than none.


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