Now that the LidarLite is off the market (until Garmin brings it back), there are not many options for accurate altitude sensing.

I have a optical flow sensor that I would like to mount up, but I don't want to spend $250 for the Lightware SF11, or $230+ for a TeraRanger.

So, my question to any developers:  will ArduPilot be adding firmware support for this sensor?

The specs and the price seem very promising:

  Leddar One single element sensor module

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Range 0m to 15m on natural targets (up to 40m on reflective targets)


What about Android smartphone optical range finder application ?

3D smartphone camera scanner works fine, extracting Z-depth from video, if you move your smartphone.

Virtually no range limit.


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I suspect it's not very difficult to add support but it depends a bit on the interface (analog, spi, i2c) it's using and I can't immediately see what type it is.  If someone wants to send me one I can probably add support or better yet, if this company has c++ developers (or there's some other c++ developer who wants to take on the task) I could give them advice on how to do it.  I can be PM'd here on diydrones of course or emailed at rmackay9 at

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$25 video camera smartphone comes exactly with 3D scanner real-time functionality (application) to extract Z-axis depth in realtime, generating 3D landscape objects in real-time, acting exactly as real-time range-finder, optical flow speed meter.

$25 video camera comes with quad CPU, 2x GPU is really fast, WiFi, Bluetooth, microUSB, DHMI connectivity by defauklt.

LCD display, p[lastic cover can be removed to make it super lightweight.


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Unfortunately there is no public ardupilot driver for the LeddarOne yet. However, but Leddartech's products today, including the LeddarOne, use the standard modbus protocol over UART and RS485. Therefore, developing support for the LeddarOne on ArduPilot should not be too hard using the UART port and modifying some of the existing code examples, which can be found at .

We also have a very knowledgeable team of applications engineers available to assist our community of developers!

I noticed that the link posted in this article refers to the RS-485 version of the LeddarOne. I would generally recommend anybody considering using this on a drone to go with the UART version of the product (as it will save you a UART to RS485 adapter), available here:

Finally, we are always happy to hear about our users, their projects and their fooedback, so please do not hesitate to contact us at support at leddartech dot com or PM directly if you have any feedback or suggestions for future software or hardware revisions.

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