The NAZA has been removed and replaced with an APM Mini, thought I'd share some of the progress.

There is some tuning still need to be done, the NAZA had no wobble once I changed some settings, hope I can get this one as good.

If you like you can make your own -

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Finally got some PID's that work well.  Had to manually do them.

Heres a test.

Fun built! Did you have to glue the Lego bricks somehow?

Yes, the bricks are glued, but it is designed so that it will hold itself together even without the glue, but for safety it is glued.  The entire X frame is LEGO except the motor mounts which are 3D printed.

The reason you don't see the glue and its so clean looking is because we used GOOP and it can be cleansed before it dries, takes 72 hrs, unlike CA which dries in seconds.

Goop is probably also better than CA in this application as it remains flexible and thus is more resilient and probably absorbs a bit vibrations.

Yes, we went thru 5 different bonding agents and somewhere read about GOOP with LEGO, contacted the manufacturer, they had their tech dept write me back. They said it fuses well to PLA plastic like CA but as you said does stay somewhat flexible so in the event of a crash it helps make repairs a lot simpler.  As soon as the kickstarter people have had time to build their drones we are going to release the designs so LEGO clubs and others can download and make their own.  If this Mini APM solution continues to work well we will put it in the documentation as an option for the advanced users flight controller

This was the orig flight before changing it to that APM Mini



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