I'm not very familiar with the batteries, I have jAC2836-358, 880Kv (jdones) motors and I'm using 30amp ESC. I'm planning to have a single board computer-ie beagleboard- and a goPro like camera. (looking for ~10min flight time)

Can you suggest few battery that I can go with? If I order Turnigy nano-tech 4000mah 3S 25~50C, would it work? or Do I need 4S batteries?



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Don't get the 4S batteries. The extra voltage won't help you. Get 3S and consider 4000-5000 mah. I have a 5800 mah which is good but a little heavier than I wanted. If you're going to run additional electronics, such as telemetry or a pan/tilt compensating gimbal for your gopro, consider one (larger) battery for the outputs (motors) and another (smaller) to support the electronics. Less chance of a brownout or electrical noise from the motors affecting the other stuff.

Thanks Dan!

Dear Ergun , 

I think 3S (11.1V)  Li-po is enough for your application (I searched your Beagleboard's Operating Voltage and your Brushless Motor Voltage ) . In Turkey , I suggest that Li-po https://thkmodelucak.com/store/product/3050ma-25c-111v

You can connect two of them parellel and you can obtain 11.1V 6100mAH .




3S 3500 - 4500 will make you flying more than 10 mins. Did you have quad or hexa now? I can make one measurement flight for you tomorrow afternoon with 3500mAh if you still need more. As don't remember how long 3S 3500mAh gave on normal weight quad. (Papers are still in brown boxes after the move)

Jani / jDrones


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