I have calibrated the ESCs, installed the latest firmware and followed setup procedures by the book; The props start spinning the moment the APM is armed. I am using the APM 2.0 with a 3.1 Arducopter V Quad setup. What do i need to check? If it is of any use, PWM values range between 937 and 2097 when calibrating the radio. Could that be an issue?

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@Emin: That is how it works for Stabilize, Acro mode and is how it is designed. As Randy suggested, in these modes pilot has full control of the flight. I think it is implicitly understood.

Do you suggest an alternative ;) ??

No Shyam,what iwe asked is where I can read about this on wiki?i completely like it that way...

hi Randy,

thanks for the update in the wiki. i do have a suggestion for a safety feature for the apm and pixhawk.

It should not be possible to accidentilly turn the motors off. this can easily happen in stabilize and acro especially with nonspring loaded throttles.

my suggestion is to add an optional feature to the code to allow for "motor off" using a combination of switches or two stick positions (ie. throttle min, yaw left + pitch min, roll right OR throttle min + channel switch to a certain value). ideally this option would be user selectable and user configurable as to how the combination of switches/functions are set up. this would significantly reduce the possibility of accidentally turning the motors off and crashing.

motors off should always be a concientious decision and not one that can happen accidentally... also id like to know if disarming motors could be done in this fashion in all modes. for some of us, we prefer to fly using alt hold as the primary flight mode, loiter secondary and auto and all using a spring loaded throttle stick. this makes flying easy but the inability to disarm in these modes means we always have to have that mode available on the rc which can accidentally be engaged. 

id love to hear your thoughts on this.


     I added a note clarifying this to the ACRO and Stabilize pages yesterday after reading this discussion.

ok,nice,thank you

that's important notice and answer to those who ask for kill-switch

I think almost every other multicopter autopilot on market does the same.. If you put throttle to zero == motor stops. It used to be same way on earlier Arducopter softwares too. Some looong ago we had slow spinning when armed while me and Jose were writing original ArduCopter code but it was removed as many people asked that. Now it's back and people can choose which way they want it to be. 

At least I want them to spin. A lot easier to know/remember that your motors are armed :)

I haven't used my tricopter for almost 2 years, I have just repair it, installes the latest firmware.

I lost time to figure out why my tricopter keep spinning when it worked perfectly 2 years ago.

Basically, it's not a bug, it's a feature. I think mission planer warn us about that but I just closed the pop-up without really reading, my fault :D


I have a Quanum Nova. I have just replace a broken FC. I did all the calibration, included the Radio Calibration. When I armed, in Stabilize mode (Manual mode for Nova), the motors don't spin. Rising the throttle motost start spinning, but when I put the throttle at minimum, the motors don't stop.

There is a parameters that I can tune to make the motors stop when the throttle is at its minimum?

Thank you!


Hi Randy,

I see this was changed and lowest value is low, you cannot turn it off. Is this true?




Randy said:


     Yes, if MOT_SPIN_ARMED is zero the props will completely stop if you put the throttle at zero in Stabilize or ACRO even if you're flying.  In other flight modes where the autopilot has control of the throttle (AltHold, Loiter, etc) they will keep spinning.

     This does mean that in Stabilize, Acro the pilot needs to be a little careful but it also gives you full control of the motors in case something bad happens and you need to shut the motors down.



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