Hello, I am using windows 10 and have 2 separate APM2.6

I can update and have loaded firmware ver 3.2, and everything goes fine until I get to the compass calibration, and than nothing. NO dots, no movement on the screen at all.

Any suggestions?

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are you using an external mag? the 2.6 doesn't have an onboard mag.

Ublox NEO-6M Core GPS Module with Built-in compass.

Check your cabling. I had this once and had a badly terminated cable. Replaced the cable and good to go.

do you have a link to the exact module? If it is a newer module then I would need to see how the i2c is wired. The older modules had a GPS lead that did 5v/TX/RX/NEG and the Mag Did 3.3v/SDA/SCL/NEG. the newer modules do not power the Mag and it's done onboard. But it is possible that they reversed the SDA/SCL leads.

Normally I'd hook up the mag to an arduino to see that it is in fact working.

Thanks to everyone, looks like a bad GPS module and a bad termination.

I was very lost, strange that I would have 2 different problems with the same outcome.

Oh well, such is life. Thanks again!!!!

I wonder if my 2 units are clones?

I should look into purchasing the newest pixhawk .

From what I have read 3DR is now out of stock and will not have any more made. The good news is I have bought some of the 2.4.8 boards on Ebay that do not have the 1 mb flash issue and they have worked fine. The plus is they only cost about 65 bucks shipped :)

mark liles said:

I should look into purchasing the newest pixhawk .

OK, I need your help again, 'Ole Wizards' of  DIY DRONES.

Check out the Video. First all props spun up together 4 times.

They all start together, but as soon as I give a little throttle some motors make a noise and stop (stall and squeak). Than the next time they all start together, but now different motors stall and squeak!




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