While tuning my hex one of the carbon props clipped a bit of wood on the test bench. 

Oddly enough there was absolutely no damage to the 14 inch carbon prop whatsoever, but when I rotate the can of the motor off axis I can now feel a little bit of play. I mean a very little bit. It sort of clicks. It runs up fine, but none of the other motors have any play at all. 

Did I damage a bearing or something? 

I am unsure of what to do but really don't feel like pulling apart the casing. Any ideas?

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Ouch!  If you have a new noise that wasn't there before then it's certainly possible, though I would think you'd sustain more damage to the shaft than a bearing.  If the circlip looks healthy, and it isn't running hot, making excessive noise, exhibiting any signs of increased vibration or otherwise misbehaving then odds are you got lucky. But I would definitely keep an eye on it to see if that end play increases. 

Another thing.

Its just one side of the can. 

When I press down on it the casing shifts an imperceptible amount (probably a couple thou) and you can feel it "click".

Lifting up on the same side or pressing down on any other portion of the motor does nothing.

@ Crady

The circlip looks fine, no noticeable noises or vibrations so far.

'Click' like a magnet in the bell touching the stator?  If that's the case then it's sounding more and more like you need to disassemble the motor and have the shaft checked to be sure it's true. 


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