Hi everyone. I am new here. I have apm 2.6 and 3DR quadcopter x. I finished assemblying and setup arducopter programs to apm 2.6 via missionplanner. At last, i connect to battery and give the throttle. At this point quadcopter don't fly, always pull over. Apm 2.6 controller has to control the quadcopter? What am i missing? Sorry for my bad English.

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aramıza hoşgeldinizi.,

sorunuz compass oryantasyonu bence, yani roll 180 degree olabilir. mesala,

şöyle daha rahat anlarsınız, mission plannerda quadı sağa yönlendirdiğinizde ekrandaki yönelişte aynı yönde olamlı tersi içinde aynı , kontrol edin,

klon kartlarda başlangıçta bendede aynı sorun olmuştu.

diğer olası nedenler

birde propların yani motorların dönüş yönünü kontrol ediniz,

esclerin throttle gaz kalibrasyonunu yapınız.

Check the wiki. Your props could be in the wrong direction, your esc connections could be reversed, or the esc's are not calibrated.

Also, make sure your motor layout is correct.  On an "X" quad, starting from the front left arm, going clockwise, the motors go 3, 1, 4, 2.  Here's a link to the diagrams:


I had a similar problem once upon a time, make sure your motor connections are correct (pin 1 on APM correspond to motor 1 on quad, etc.)

You can follow the manual to fix the motor and propeller, etc. Make sure AMP software is intalled well.


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