Does anyone know if this works or if there is newer firmware. From reading the comments there are issues ?


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it works great, it is basically a pixhawk's encoder. 

so are the comments about it false - there are a few saying that the throttle jumps up and down.

Second question for you - peter kings link to the firmware doesnt exist anymore - do you know where i can download it ?

let me see, which version I had. its been almost half a year since the last time I've flown APM2.6. 

Here it is, still in his Google Drive:


look through the files, useful staff ;) 

 I am building my first quadcopter but I have some experience with programming. I am trying to use an APM 2.8 and X4RSBr receiver. Looks like I need to do this but have some concerns as above. Does anyone know where to get the source code? I have seen some other possible solutions. Would like to hear options on these, below. I read that ppm has slower response than sbus so which of the solutions works best in that area? Not sure the soldering hack will work with APM 2.8.  Anyone know? 


1.  sbus to ppm convert. telemetry and servo are different not sure this will handle both.

2.  sbus inversion hack,  some soldering. one wire for the telemetry one for the servo input. 

Thanks for your help.

I will keep looking but if anyone can help me, please do.



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