Since my Sub 250 gram pixracer is complete I thought I would share a parts list and some build pics.

The FC is a small 36x36 Pixhawk based, its capable of full autonomous waypoint flights, ACRO, has 5.8 GHZ Video, I added an inline DVR for doing real time recording. It even has a Wifi module for telemetry over Wifi. All in a small package that does not need registration.

I recently moved all the GPS and Video Tx inside to protect against damage in a crash
Also added aluminum standoffs for strength and moved the battery to the top.


Motors CW :

Motors CCW :



Pixracer FC and Power Module:



FPV Camera:

Video Tx

Later upgraded to green aluminum standoffs

NOTE, I was using this with DVR, lag was horrid, so dont use it, its impossible to race with.
Video Tx:

DVR and FPV Camera:

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Nice, thank's for share, audience is waiting for a video :D

Agree ... amazing. Can you post a captured FPV video of it in flight?

yes Forrest, I will try to get an FPV this weekend when my new battery comes in.  I still get shaking even with pids at the lowest setting 3.0 on both pitch and roll, but i am working on it.  

I added an indoor flight video to the post, this weekend ill try to get more

Forrest its a long way from my vortex but here is a first glimpse of its first FPV flight, i went out and tried it for you :)

Battery is bad and props chipped so its pretty shaky, new battery and props should be here this week so hopefully this weekends flights will be more impressive.  

My PIDs just to get it not to jitter are the lowest possible settings, wonder if there is anything I can do to help make it not vibrate so much.  The APM Mini was a lot smoother for sure, but I think its because I'm not tuned yet.

For first flight I guess its okay.

What ESC's?

Which PM did you use?

Not sure how involved you want to get, but here's a video on tuning:

I had problems with my big Y6 1 1/2 years ago, but had the advantage of Leonard Hall intervening and get me close enough to do auto tune. Watching yours do AT would be a real hoot!

Have you checked vibration levels in the logs? Also, what do the THR_OUT look like at hover? I'm wondering what the thrust is of those props vs weight

BTW, you've inspired me to build a sub 250g fully autonomous quadcopter. Thanks a lot for your efforts!!


Thanks for the video, I did not notice I forgot the link to the ESC so I added them to the post

At the moment Stab/Rate Roll/Pitch are all at the minimum to keep the vibration down, it wont let me go any lower, PIDs are also posted at top.

Attached are the logs, I hovered in the house, landed then hovered again.

I look at it but have no idea if this is good or bad :D


I always break the FPV antennas off when connected straight to the board.  A short pig tail zip tied to the frame for strain relief works well.  But then again, I crash more than most!!!

It's just over 30% throttle at hover.

I can't say for microquads, but on my larger copters when overpowered like that they like to dance around in the slightest wind no matter how much it is tuned. I put smaller props on, re-tune it and viola!, makes a huge difference.

No expert tuner here, just giving my observations.

Looks really nice! Could you provide a link to the power module?

Funny you say that, I lost it on my last flight, they are like 25 bucks at getfpv


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