Just a friendly suggestion

I really like the Motor Test screen in clean flight

I can test my motors individually, all at once, check motor directions and calibrate my esc.

It's a great tool.

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It has one of those ^u^

MP has a motor test function and the online documentation has ESC calibration procedures for Pixhawk and APM.

Cool, somehow all this time I missed it in MP.
I do know I can calibrate the ESCs with the Tx and pixhawk/racer, but in cleanflight I use the master slider instead of the tx for calibration instead of the Tx.

But I'll check it out in MP then I'm sure I will like it, thanks!

Found it, bottom of optional hardware, gosh missed that for a couple years now :D

Thanks again!

Personally I do prefer the Motor 1/2/3/4 that relate to the motor number diagram vs the A/B/C/D tho

Actually, motor test could be more useful if it showed IMU vibration levels for each motor as you test them. May help users pinpoint an out of balance prop/motor combination before they experience IMU clipping in flight.


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