Having huge issues trying to set up my Taranis with the Pixhawk. I can get the first 4 channels (AETR) working fine but I can for the life of me get channel 5 and the flight mode switches working.

Been doing alot of searching online and all documentation seems to refer to creating a custom switch on channel 5, however I am running OpenTX 2.0.8 and I have the option of 'logical switches' instead of 'custom switches' and I can't seem to replicate the process.

I have Taranis with OpenTX 2.0.8, Frsky X8R reciever, 3D Robotics X8 with Pixhawk.

Any ideas?

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I use the following:

Logical Switches

Special Functions

I then adjust the values on the transmitter for the special values while monitoring the configuration screen so that the switches activate the correct flight modes. It's actually very easy to do.

Take that, SE and SF for the six flight mode, S1 for the tuning, SG for CH7 and SD for CH8.
You must modify the audio section, i use "home made" wav sound.


I added the file.


I use two curves mixed on a two position switch and a three position switch. mixed on Ch5. One curve is actually a line with offset.

PS. I checked out both the eepe's above. Gregs looks the most easy to understand, nice use of the override function. 


   I know exactly what you're going through. You first need to understand how channel 5 is used via mixes, switches etc. Don't get confused by the vernacular (logical vs custom switches.....they are the same thing).  Watch the short videos below, follow the steps and the light will come on. 




Now that you have a visual idea and hopefully grasp how the Taranis is set up, decide if you like his approach. After understanding the basics, I didn't. Read this post for further insight on how the various mixes and switches interact. Special functions can be done later.....learn the basics first.


Lastly, whenever you see the name 'Scott Page', he's the Taranis/OpenTX guy.


Anyway, that's the order I took to learn the Taranis. Just remember you MUST set F/S mode up correctly in Taranis (no pulses as shown in the video) and the X8R as well. Don't take any shortcuts; make sure Failsafe works correctly.  

Hi Tom

Try this:

8 channel mixer settings on Open 9X for Naza M lite FC with a quad. Values may be different on the Tiranis. I have a TG9X....End points will sort them out:


Ch01  (+100%) Ail

Ch02  (+100%) Ele

Ch03  (+100%) Thr

Ch04  (+100%) Rud

Ch05  (+100%) 3Pos

Reverse(+100%) Max, switch (GEAR)

Reverse(+47%) Max, switch (Ail)

Ch06  P3 (+100%) att gains (X1)

Ch07  (+100%) Max, switch (!ELE)
Ch08  P2 (+100%) Tilt for gimble

The 3-position switch is for Manual (ID0)-Attitude (ID1)-GPS (ID2), Channel 7 ELE turns on Home Lock mode, and GEAR forces GPS mode regardless of where the 3-position switch is, Ail triggers failsafe. X1 is set for active control of attitude gains only.

The following setup if you want to set the Naza so that X1 and X2 actively control the pitch and roll gain settings in manual (X2) and attitude (X1) modes. Choice of which pot controls what, is personal.

This would sacrifice the Intelligent Orientation Control:


Ch01  (+100%) Ail

Ch02  (+100%) Ele

Ch03  (+100%) Thr

Ch04  (+100%) Rud

Ch05  (+100%) 3Pos

Reverse(+100%) Max Switch (GEAR)

Reverse(+47%) Max Switch (Ail)

Ch06  P3 (+100%) attitude gains (X1)  

Ch07  P1 (+100%) manual gains (X2)

Ch08  P2 (+100%) Tilt for gimble


David you have the wrong controller for this discussion, you are just adding confusion.

Thanks guys for all your help especially with the eepe. Helped having them there.

The flight modes work now.

Now to work out what Channels 6-8 are all about. Back to the manuals!


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