Hello everyone,
I want to manufacture a frame for a V-shaped hexacopter, to be used in industrial inspection functions with two cameras.
Can you tell me if it is possible to configure arducopter 3.5 for a hexa V frame?

I have read information from old posts, but I have seen the function very complicated.

Thank you

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The short answer is yes.  You can do complex shapes, including a simple V.

I've attached a Draft instruction manual on how to change the motor factors in code.  While I wish you could change this in the parameter list, unfortunately code is the only way to accomplish this.

If you have troubles with this, friend me and I'll give you my direct e-mail address.


Or maybe, you simply take the Y6 shape

Thanks a lot Forrest and Gregmaan.

After seeing the Forrest file I think it's a task that is too complicated and risky for me. The UAV will have cameras worth  5.000 € and I do not want to risk.

I will carry out a traditional HEXA frame with certain modifications to meet my needs. I think it will be the safest.

Thank you for your answers.



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