i am planning to buy nokia lumia 920 can i run apm planner in win8 mobile?

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Don't bother. Windows 8 mobile won't run generic Windows apps. Apps must be specifically developed for Windows 8. APM planner is not. 

To run APM Planner on Windows 8 you need a full pc version. Won't work on tablet (non-pc tablet) or phone.


so can i setup to atom processor?

As long as it runs Windows 8 PC (or whatever they are calling it)

win 8 mobile and win 8 RT (in the new Microsoft Surface) are not compatible with all x86 programs, so they presumably will NOT run APM mission planner. The new Microsoft Surface Pro (due to release in January) should since it will run a full version of Windows 8.
good news thank you jeff and dan

i will wait for this january

Isn't APM Planner written in Java? If so, it should be relatively easy to port to the HTML5 display format of Windows 8 Mobile / RT.

APM Planner is written in C#.NET

My mistake.

In that case I'll take a look at the code. Do you know which version of .net?


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