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Ardu Copter setup

Hi Guys


I have recently started with my Ardu Copter. The build is complete, the setup with my radio (Spekrum DX7) is done (on fixed wing mode), my ESC's are calibrated. No connection problems and all seems ready to go. On doing the initial hand test

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USB Communication Issue


I just bought an ArduCopter Kit a few weeks ago and finally assembled it. Now I have some issues communicating with the board via the APM Planner. 

Here is a bit of history of my problem:

1. I was able to connect, download and configure the software

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Simple Mode howto

Been testing Simple mode in our indoor arena.


I assumed that it will take the position and heading when you switched on the quad as "home"


I fly around, and then enter alt_Hold in front of me with the Quad facing "tail in".

When I switch to simple mod

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Magnetometers and compass directions.

While setting up the Quads for my customers, I often wonder about the following (Jason, I think this my be yours).. ;-)


1. When you look at the dials in the planner, the heading is shown. Is that Heading supposed to be magnetic, or true north based? 

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Hardware Wishlist for Arducopters

Hi Chris,


This is not a moan, just some small things I would like to see in the next batches of quads to make an excellent product even better.


1. In the first batch  I received from JDrones, all but one of the kits had bullet connectors soldered on

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New code broken?

Hey, I'm a noob, but here goes...

Up to the middle of last week, I could quite quickly and accurately use Mission Planner to install the code it auto downloads onto a stock quad.

Since then, after upgrading, almost nothing works for me.

If there is no m

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problem with the magnetometer

Hi , i plug the magnetometer face down as instructed but when we start to arducopter and arm the motors , giving throttle is totally unsafe . The quad start to oviliate like a coin on a table.Is it because it is configured to work at higher hight tha

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