power module for rover

I have built a 4WD rover driven by 2-350 watt motors with differential steering. The motors are controlled by 2 Cytron MD30C motor drivers fed by PWM signal from a Pixhawk clone. The rover has 2 lead acid batteries (140Ah) supplying 24 volts for the motors (25 amps max each).

I am trying to determine the best power module for this application.  This one on Amazon has the input voltage range and the amp capacity but I don’t know if it is compatible with this flight controller:

Hobbypower Power Module V1.0 for Pixhawk Apm2.5 Apm2.6 Ardupilot Mega Flight Controller.

 0-28 Volt input, 90 Amp rating.

Can someone point me in the right direction on a power module for this project?

Thanks, Ed

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