Hi Guys, not only am I a newby but I'm an old newby. I've decided to build this mower so that I don't have to mow 2 acres of undulating property when I'm ten years older. Building the frame and fitting the various componentry won't be a problem but coming to the rc tech......I don't have a clue. I'm just wondering how much leaning on you guys I can do? 


Mic. in Aussie.

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I have just received pixhawk 2.4.8 in the mail. Waiting for ESC's and I bought a quadcopter. It's a Visuo xs 809hw. Will keep in touch. I hope you guys will be assisting me when it comes to connecting these things up. Ha ha ha. I will be concentrating on the frame for the coming weeks. Thanks so far.

Hi there Guys, yes it's been a while. Hope you guys have been well. I recently came across a controller 'roboteq'. Are you familiar with this controller? It seems easier to implement. What do you think? Regards

PS. pics of motor, ESC's and flight controller.



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