Hi! I'm new to ardurover (and new to this forum :D) I'm planning to build a 4 wheeled rover to use with APM2.6. I'm wondering what is the best transmitter/reciever combo to use with that platform that is also affordable. Do you guys have some recommendations? Been looking through the forums but was not able to find an answer for this.

Pleas help! Thank you!

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I personally use a FrSky Taranis x9d+ which is reasonably priced and the firmware is open source.  I also have some Turnigy 9x's which are about as cheap as you can go but they still do the job.  Others may have other experiences and suggestions.

Thanks, Grant.

Just checked on Ebay.There is a Taranis X9D+ on auction.Bidding is at $39.95 GOOD LUCK....

google this:  FrSKY Taranis X9D Plus FPV Adjustable Monitor Mount

Thanks a lot! Will look it up!

woow thanks!

yeah the taranis x9d+ seems like a nice transmitter will do more research on that!


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