I was reading through the group and I was trying to figure out the best chassis for my application.

I was choosing between Wild Thumper 6WD Chassis and one of Traxxas RC cars (Slash or Stampede). After valuable feedback from TCIII (Thanks!) I figured out I should go for Traxxas cars. And here I have a few questions for you.

I want to be able to mount something on top of my car (e.g. average size WiFi access point or a camera). I think of going for 1/10 scale for that. Would that be enough? And what is the practical difference between 2WD and 4WD models in terms of how they drive? Is setting up 2WD with Pixhawk is as easy as 4WD one?

2WD: https://traxxas.com/products/models/electric/58024slash
4WD: https://traxxas.com/products/models/electric/6804Rslash4x4platinum
4WD: https://traxxas.com/products/models/electric/67054-1stampede4x4

Do you have any experiences with those?

My second question is about all the other parts I need (t will be my first rover). As far as I understand, if I buy one of those RC cars, I have ESC there already, don't need to buy separate one. Therefore, I would only need:
- Pixhawk (with regular setup, so 3DR telemetry radio, 3DR Power module, GPS module, and maybe a second one for redundancy, buzzer and safety switch)
- battery
- a bunch of female to female servo cables to connect to the rover

Is that correct or am I missing some crucial elements?

What is the advantage of second GPS module? How much does it improve performance of a car? (I want to use GPS way-point mode a lot, and then test Follow Me mode).

Thanks in advance for your feedback,

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Hi all! 

I have a Traxxas XMaxx 4wd with the Pixhawk Cube 2.1 and Here GPS. Using a Tarranis X7 controller w/ X8R SBus receiver.

Everything is set up correctly with the latest firmware 1.8.0 using the Generic Rover configuration, Steering servor in Main 2, Throttle / ESC in Main 4.

Problem is I am not getting any response from either steering or throttle. To be sure it was not a mechanical problem, I plugged in the servo wires directly into the receiver and the rover works fine, as a standard RC. I see others having excellent results from their efforts and wonder what could I have done wrong in my set up? 

I kind of suspect the latest firmware at this point. Any ideas? Much appreciated and big thanks in advance!



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