I have a differential Drive robot with a Sabertooth 2x60 that takes care of the skid steering. 

I am trying to set up a boat with an APM Running Rover Firmware With 2 motor/ESC pairs, one spinning CW and the Other CCW to drive the same way.I how do I emulate what the ST is doing with individual motor controls. My goal is to drive this with the Elevator/Aileron stick. Most of the rover information out there has a speed control and a steering servo, which, of course, is no help.

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It can't be different than the rover!

Channel 1 & 3 as on the rover and the same setup.
Map the outputs of your transmitter or the pixhawk so it works as you want.
There should be no problem doing this!

I run my rover with one stick. It's very handy.


Are you using a steering servo?

No! Two motors on each side connected in parallel.

Turning means that the motors on one side have different speed or direction than on the other side.

A boat would run quite equally without any rudder. Adding a rudder would add complexity.



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