I'm attempting to control a lawn tractor with an APM 2.6. In addition to the throttle and steering servos I require servos for the choke, the idler and a relay output to trigger the starter. Are there configuration options in mission planner that allow for linking arbitrary input channels to unused outputs?

For the relay control I've tried using the camera trigger with the relay option set (A9) to control the starter. I can trigger the relay from the flight data screen using the Trigger Camera NOW command, however using the transmitter RC7 is not able to trigger the starter. 

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So my solution for now is to use the camera gimbal control options for controlling the additional servos. I am stilling struggling to link a transmitter switch to a relay output. I see in APM Copter 3.2 there's a Pilot Control of Relay option under the Extended Tuning tab in Mission Planner http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/common-relay/. Is this possible in APM Rover? 

I had a read through and am interested in the Pilot Control of Relay option. It appears to only be available for ArduCopter 3.2 and greater. I see that you can define upto 4 pins as relays that the flight controller can activate, however I'd also like to be able to trigger from my transmitter directly. In the section under "Pilot Control" there's a screenshot showing the Extended Tuning panel in mission planner where CH7 and CH8 options can be set. I don't have these available when the ArduRover firmware is loaded on the board.



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