When vehicle starts, it apparently thinks it is at half throttle.  There is no reverseThere is no neutral at half throttle. I have to pull the throttle all the way back to stop the vehicle.  I am using the center-loaded elevator stick for the throttle.

Code is loaded.  Flight modes are set. Calibrated the radio. Calibrated the ESC (in Manual mode). Steering works fine. 

Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?

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Are you using a car ESC/motor controller (which has reverse and is at zero at half-stick)? Cars don't work with regular copter/plane ESCs. 

You beat me too it Chris.  That was my first thought too.

Hi Jim.  Silly question but I assume you have loaded the rover code and not the plane or copter code - i have to ask ;-)

Is this all happening in Manual mode?  Its the APM:Rover default when it starts that its in Manual mode.  As a result of this the autopilot (APM2 or Pixhawk - not sure what you have) by default isn't involved in control of the rover.  You can change this but its not the default.  

Have you driven this rover without an autopilot in it?  If not then try it and I suspect you will see the same behaviour.  Either your ESC doesn't support reverse OR the reverse in it has been disabled.

Let us know and we can help further if that isn't the case.  And as always the more information the better.

Thanks, Grant


Please provide your full parameter list file and data flash logs.

You can capture your full parameter file by having selected the Advanced View and use the "Save" button on the right side of the Full Parameter List page in the Config Screen in MP.



I am using an aircraft ESC.  The original HobbyKing ESC blew out, so I replaced with a Turnigy Plush 18A I had handy. So that probably is the problem and I am ordering a car ESC right now.  Here is the parameter list anyway in case I have something else amiss.



Yes I loaded the Rover Code :))

I have an APM 2.5.

I think you guys nailed it. Wrong type of ESC.  I ordered a car ESC today. 

Pleasant Regards,



You are right.  I appear to have the wrong type of ESC.

Thanks to you and the others for your quick and precise responses.



Thanks for the parameter list as it may help with other issues in the future.

I only use Traxxas or Castle Creation ESCs as I have found that the HK ESC are usually overrated and you can wind up spending more money for blown ESC replacements than if you had bought a Traxxas or CC ESC in the first place. There are plenty of Traxxas car ESCs on eBay from reputable sellers for reasonable prices.




Thanks for the tip!  I will check out EBAY.



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