Hello, I'm using an OpenROV with a pixhawk, and I'm trying to figure out what skid_steering mode to use. The ROV has two horizontal thrusters and so it works well in auto mode when set to SKID_STEERING_OUT. However, in this mode I can't control it manually. The thing is, the pixhawk receives individual PWMs for each motor as opposed to throttle and direction. I read I'm not supposed to activate SKID_STEERING_IN and SKID_STEERING_OUT at the same time. Any ideas?

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You might want to become a member of the ArduBoat User Group and post in that Group since yours is an OpenROV project.

I believe that you should set SKID_STEERING_OUT to 1 and SKID_STEERING_IN to 0.



I'll have a look there, but it shouldn't be any different. How would I configure the pixhawk if I had a tank where I control each tread with a separate channel from the transmitter? That is, channel 1 controls the left track, channel 2 controls the right track.


The members on ArduBoat are more attuned to water craft than the ArduRover members and we have a number of ROV Project Discussions going on ArduBoat which might be of interest to you.



Have you tried to drive the ROV in MANUAL mode with SKID_STEERING_OUT set?  It should still work.  If you have tried it and have some dataflash logs of it not working in MANUAL mode be great if you could send them through.

Thanks, Grant.



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