Hi Sydney People!

We are hosting another Sydney Flight day early morning Sunday the 16th Feb. All are welcome, we will be at Centennial Park, for those who have not come to one of the SydneyFPV meetups before, let me know, and ill give you a location as to where you can find us!

Hope to see everyone there!


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message me info please :)

We will be there from around 7am! hope to see you there!

I will try to make it...

Guys we have 5 confirmed coming, will be a great morning! let your friends know too!


Couldn't make it unfortunately, but I'm guessing it was called on account of the weather anyway...  Or did anyone end up going?

We were lucky enough to get a few breaks in the rain and 4 of us were there. Always good to hang out and meet others face to face and see first hand other peoples kit.

Attendees were Keiran and myself (www.sydneyfpv.com) and Kultawat (www.youtube.com/user/KTW1429) and also Kiwi!

Thanks for coming along in the poor weather, and look forward to seeing everyone again - and hopefully a few new people next time!



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