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    the main purpose of PDB is to power the ESC, there are some with BEC and power sensing, to use with beaglebone you need to see if this power sensing is compatible with APM.

    Are you sure BBBMini will fit on this frame ?

    What would be the servo function ? You can manually activate servos through transmitter - using one channel.

  • im sort of new to this so i gather id have to power this through a pdb cos my motors rated 10v max and esc 30a so would this pdb do pdb and in brief what does a can do lol. Im planning on sticking it in 3D Printable DJI Inspire V1.5, also i know sonar isnt as accuracy as the other sensors but is it possible to be able to activate a servo at a certain height of the ground using the sonar, reason i want use bbbmini i have a beaglebone black dormant doing nothing.

    thanks for feedback 

    Matek FCHUB-6S w/ Current sensor, BEC 5V & 10V
    Features and Spec Input : 9-27V (3S to 6S LiPo) Input TVS protection PDB : 4x30A (Max. 4x46A) BEC 5V 1.5A (2A Max.) BEC 10V 1.5A (2A. Max) Cu…
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    CAN Transceiver (MCP2562-E/P) with DIP8 Socket

    But this Can is not mandatory, just if you will you a Can device - in my cause I don't use, so I don't have it.

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