this is the next BBBmini Rev. 1.6 wish list. After discussion I will sort the requests into YES, MAYBE, NO.


  • Add second IMU
  • Add I2C bus pull up resistors
  • Add WS2812 LED support
  • Remove HC-SR04 support (results are not as expected)
  • Add Buzzer support
  • Add Power button header
  • Add Level shifter / remove resistor voltage divider


  • Switch to 1206 SMD parts, because there is not enough space left on the PCB


  • rfm23bp support (HF and no driver yet)
  • Reduce PWM channels
  • IMU heating
  • Remove CAN bus support
  • Change PCB outline for BeagleBone Green Wireless



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Yes ,

I am planning to mount it directly on the cape with standard LEDs. == I will upload a picture of the montage.

Hi Patrick,

you can use the PWM outputs as LEDs as well https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GulHqnTuCfs .



Patrick Poirier said:

Super :-)

I'll get both the LED & Buzzer installed on my new build. Thanks !!

Hello Mirko,

Is this method being implemented within Ardupilot as a standard status LED ?

Otherwise, I will stick with Vinicius configuration on the actual build and definitively shift toward WS2812 LED support on the next builds.

P.S" No comments on the reuse of channels 7-12 as expansion connectors to free up space on deck ?


Hi Mirko, how can this WS led be enabled.
Patrick, this is my temporary circuit - I'm using 12v leds, so I'm using 3 4n26 to protect BBBMini circuit. BTW, the B led didn't show anything - I read the documentation and was to calibration process indication, I think maybe was removed from code.

Ok so I will implement LED A & C
Are the signal is active high or active low?
This serial1 available will help me a lot :)
Patrick, the signals are inverted related to value. The active state is low - you can see on APM 2.6 schematic(http://i.imgur.com/hZ5XlJS.png) under leds and pins.

I think if space allows it would be great to add a few holes for mounting the display on top ?

Maybe place a WS2812 under it and it might look cool as well :)

Here is my ArduPlane BBBMINI  Build rev 1.5 -C

- Hijacked the CanBus right legs for the Analog Airspeed and left leg for the LED & Installed these (A & C ) on a remote board  with pulldown resistors and covered these with yellow heat shrink... yeah it looks like a paperbag man !!

- Deadbug installation of a FET and resistor directly on PWM number 8 connector for the Buzzer

Nice :)


thanks for the suggestion, but I do not want to put HF on the BBBmini. And first there must be a working driver for the rfm23bp.



Anemos Technologies said:

what about the rfm23bp support ? we are ready to make the driver for it

Hi Patrick,

you are right, most users need not more than 6 PWMs, but I will not reduce the number of channels yet.



Patrick Poirier said:

Some additional mods

A) Lowering the modules = Changing connector type can help getting a lower profile (5mm).

Please note that these are the 4 ports unidirectionnal level shifter  ( less than 1$ at ALIEXPRESS) that could be used as PWM drivers. 

B) Optimization of the rear end connection

Reduce the number of PWM channels to 1- 6 and move on connector 7-12 these IO:





I2C (3rd) 

C) CANBUS == Please ask if ANYONE is using it 

You could easily use this space for the bidirectionnal  level shifter == Adafruit TXB0108


don't want to request to much without actually contributing to the PCB but is SBUS output feasible maybe?

I am voting for leaving CANBUS on the Board as i want to test it when more cheap CAN ESC's show up. Its just that no one developed a ~50€ version yet.

Regarding SMD I think i could mount a SMD WS2812 LED on to the board easy, transceiver, resistors etc would probably work as well with some practice.

Rev. 1.6 should get a new low profile case and with Display in the lid then.





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