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Hi Mirko,

I start experiences with PRU and I don't know the main idea about sensors + PRU(except PWM generator), there is any idea to use PRU for sensors reading ?


Hi Vinicius,

since Rev 1.4 the INT pin of the MPU-9250 can be read by the PRU. It should also be possible to read the sensors by the PRU. I will try to read the sensors for my self balancing robot, the project should be continued in the winter. 

If you want try to start programming PRUs you can use my PRU Tool.



Just posted a note on the wall about my bbbmini's maiden voyage.  I wish I could say everything went off without a hitch, but sadly it seems that the ArduCopter process got interrupted for a whole 2 seconds, and my copter took a tumble. 

I posted a note to the broader community here:

but I think the bbbmini group might have some more specific ideas.  Any thoughts on what might have happened? 

Hi Mirko

Thank you for making the BBBMINI available for  DIYers, great stuff.

Should be receiving my BBBMini kit in the next few days. I've already got a second MPU9250 that I'm hoping to install as well.

I am quite new with Linux and github so it is all quite a big learning curve.

With regard to the software I note at point 17 of '' it states 'Get Ardupilot code: git clone'

Should I replace the above with 'git clone' ?

I know I have to configure in Ardupilot but would you please let me know whether there is anything else I need to alter to get the second mpu working.

Thank you


Hi Jon,

yes you are right. checkout the dual_mpu9250_ak8963 branch and connect the second imu like as the first one (but to spi port0 P12). Then follow to configure the second imu. Test first without props and check log files before your first flight. If you have questions about the config please ask.



Hi Mirko

That's great.

Thank you for the info.


Hello Mirko,

According to the ekf2:

  • EK2_IMU_MASK = 3 (Instructs EKF2 to run two instances, one for IMU1 (MPU6000) and one for IMU2 (LDG20H + LSM303D)

Is your implementation does the sensor fusion of both MPU9250 for all 9 axis Gyro+Accel+Mag ?

And what about the Mag signal coming from the GPS, is it added as a third compass signal within the ekf2 ?

Best Regards

I hate answering questions for people who are totally clueless and really don't have the skills for what they are attempting. SO I apologize in advance if I am that person in this case.

I have ordered the BBB Black and the BBBmini cape kit from Linus. I am sure I can get the real time kernel on the board.

I plan to use a spare Tarot 680pro hex frame.

Not so sure about the Arducopter. From my beginning days using the Arduino IDE to compile a version of megapirateng for the Crius board I assume we must have to do something like that here. An include file to edit that has options for frame type, quad/hex/octo etc? Unless the makefile script passes that stuff to the compiler? Also the different versions of the source, like the dual imu etc -- What are the versions that have the word "display" in them?

When there is a branch like this off of master do changes that the dev's add to arducopter, but nothing to do with the modifications mirko made to use it with BBB, get added automagically or does mirko have to change each new version released by the ardudev's to work with the BBB and BBBmini cape?

Looking forward to the challenge of this project.

Thanks for your time.

Hi Mike,

most of my changes to the ArduPilot code are in the master branch. You should clone ("git clone") the ArduPilot source code, than change to the ArduCopter code dir ("cd ardupilot/ArduCopter/") now you can compile ArduCopter for hex frame ("make bbbmini-hexa"). To start ArduCopter (sudo ./ArduCopter.elf" + paramter for GPS, Groundstation...)

Thats all.



Hi Mike,

there are some branches in my github fork (dual, display). Dual is for dual imu use (2x MPU9250), the display brach is related to my display driver.



Thanks Mirko.

I was just studying and found the and figured out that the form is board-frame-hil.

Thank you so much for taking the time to share this project with us.

I am going to use the Ultimate LRS 433mhz with telemetry system with it.

If I am successful I'll post a build thread on RCGroups to hopefully attract a few more people to this great idea.

Happy New Year to and your family

I'll stick with the basic first and then try to figure out the options. I will want to build the display and use the second IMU but not quite figured out the tree yet. Not sure about your private branch vs the main diydrones part of Github. I can see how to point to it and compile using it but not sure why you have the "standard" bbbmini in the "official" tree vs the dual and display code in a separate area. Sorry I don't even know the right terminology for Github.

So no response is needed. I'll figure it out eventually, I need to do more study but I have the right direction to go now. Your time is more valuable for coding and ideas!

** I think I figured it out from your comments on the display page. You use your fork when developing and testing and then move it to master after you are finished with it. **


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