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Amazing Display Mirko, congratz

Hi Mirko (& all), 

Mike's question got me thinking about ArduCopter branches as well...

I've now logged many successful flight hours on my BBBMINI quad that I'm fairly confident that the ArduCopter build I am using is robust.  However, in restrospect I wonder if pulling the build off of the master branch was the best idea.  I am flying commit 802ced2, which was from mid-November.  As far as I can tell, the master branch is at the bleeding edge of ArduCopter development, where developers may occasionally check in latent bugs.  The code I downloaded and compiled will eventually be part of ArduCopter 4.0, but hasn't even been tagged as a release candidate.  

My question to you... has the BBBMINI code been in any of the official releases (e.g., Copter-3.3.1)?  If so, is there any release that you might recommend to those who don't want to pre-beta test all of the newest software?

Alternatively, have you considered tagging one of the commit as a relatively well tested BBBMINI-compatible version?   Or are you fairly comfortable with the stability of the master branch?  I guess as group of Linux autopilot users, we're can't be that averse to risk, so maybe it's okay.


Hi Larry,

BBBMINI is included in official releases, you can fly your BBBMINI with Copter-3.3.2. In master there could be some bugs because of the ongoing development but there are new features and bug fixes which are not yet in stable. There is a lot of progress in the development the last months. I am using dual IMU with EKF2, EKF2 is not in stable yet so I am using master. 

It is your decision you can use both, master with up to date features or stable with less features and maybe less bugs. But if you are on master and happy with it, I would recommend you to continue using it.




Just want to let you know that I have installed hostapd with a 802.11a based card (rt2800usb) and it works just fine as a WIFI Acces Point,  providing we install these tools: apt-get install hostapd dnsmasq iptables iw 

and the drivers git clone git://  

for my card I copied  cp -v ./linux-firmware/rt2870.bin /lib/firmware/rt2870.bin

I can send detailed configuration if you are interested.


I had some compatibility issues and Robert Nelson recommended to upgrade to latest kernel.

Here's what he wrote.

4.0.8-rt was really a stepping stone to 4.1.x-rt.. 
sudo apt-get install linux-image-4.1.15-bone-rt-r17 
bbbmini should work fine with 4.1.15-bone-rt-r17 

Best Regards

Hi Patrick,

please send me the config of your hostapd, thanks a lot!

Yes you are right, since a while we use 4.1 Kernel because of the long term support. Another interesting features comes with 4.1, you can use the power button to shutdown the BBB. The software instruction is already updated: to use Kernel 4.1 since a while. 



Hi Patrick,

yes, my dual imu branch use both MPU9250. Did not try the third mag, but the code is still in, it should use the external mag as first mag in ArduPilot.



That's great to hear that the official release 3.3.2 supports BBBMINI.  I'll probably stick with the current build I have since everything seems to be working well, and hold out for 3.4.  At some point (when the right amount of new features have been incorporated into an official release), you might consider advising users to pull from an official release, rather than the master branch. 

I'm curious, is there a way to reliably upgrade the Kernel without reflashing the whole eMMC (as you advise in your instructions)?


Yes, apt-get install linux-stuff is considered standard update.
Nonetheless , Mirko's images are pretty up to date.

Personnaly I do not flash the eMMC, i just keep it vanilla so I can refer to it in case of doubt or test. I run the system from the micro SD card, and I disable the flashing on the boot/uEnv.txt (edit PRIOR to load on the BBB). Then you can expand the card's partition and get a full 16GB (most of my cards are 16) of space to work with. You can build different system and just swap the cards to experiment with the configurations.

Hi Larry,

you can use: 

sudo /opt/scripts/tools/ --bone-rt-kernel --lts

to upgrade to the latest LTS RT Kernel BBBMINI use.



Hi Larry,

I think it a good idea to wait for 3.4 as a "stable BBBMINI" revision. Developer than can use master too.



Thanks Patrick,

thank you very much, that is what I am looking for, get my rt2800usb based USB WLAN and it works great (also at 5GHZ). You can install the necessary firmware with sudo apt-get install firmware-ralink too.





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