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Hi Mike,

take a look in this list  with USB WiFi adapter with RT5572 chipset.


Pretty sure that the TP-LINK TL-WDN3200  is a safe bet.

Mirko, Patrick,

Thanks for the info. I have looked at the list Mirko and I have not found one that fits the bill. They either are too big, no external antenna or they just are not available in the US.


The TP-Link is big and it doesn't have an external antenna. I want to use high gain directional circularly polarized antennas.

The units I have are great. Really small with external antenna, the driver just doesn't work right. The nics work, I just can't get them to change to 5ghz, accept when I connect to a 5ghz AP.

Well, you got to add this to your filter then.. Its getting really tight, hope you can get it flying in 2016 ;-)

You said it. I am going to have to mock it up with big nics just to see if it would have worked. But I think the lack of an available nic is going to kill the idea.

Hi Mirko,

I am using the latest installation instructions to rebuild my BBBmini and I get to step 23 and it fails.   " ardupilot,git " does not appear to be in the Github any more?

Were has it gone?????

Regards, David Leigh

Hi Mirko,

I have resolved the problem by doing the build on a  Ubuntu System instead of my Windows 7 system.

Regards David


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