The display driver is now in master and enabled for BBBMINI by default. If you want to use a display with your BBBMINI just buy a SSD1306 128 x 64 OLED display (about 6$). The display should have four pins GND, VCC, SDA, SCL.

Connect the display to the BBBMINI:

  • Display GND to P15 GND
  • Display VCC to P15 3.3V
  • Display SCL to P15 SCL
  • Display SDA to P15 SDA

Have fun with your display and BBBMINI.

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Hi Mike,

I have suspicious about chinese board manufacturing or something.

First I tried a i2c oled display and the result was i2cdetect slow and didnt detect anything. After the compass issue I put the Oled display and a new one and both work, so with 2 different kind of devices the same behavior was detected, we can conclude devices is not the problem. 

BTW, this are my DYI I2C hub - my resistors are directly on the board, but this hub can be used too.

I checked and I have the commas. Remember I have the display working on the BBBmini so there is something different with the Pixhawk. I checked the display running on 5v and 3.3v and it does the same thing. When used with the BBBmini the logic does not load any of the other LED drivers. But the way I added it to the PX4 Hal section it leaves the other devices active. I wonder if the i2c address is in conflict with another device driver? I'll try removing them and recompile.

I can put the scope on it but would the i2c hardware driver be so different between the BBBmini and the Pixhawk?

Hi Mike,

in my cause I'm using display and i2c compass and are ok, what kind of leds are you talking about ?

In the AP_notify.cpp library controls for various notification devices like LED's and Alarms.
    AP_BoardLED boardled;
    ToshibaLED_PX4 toshibaled;
    ToneAlarm_PX4 tonealarm;
    OreoLED_PX4 oreoled;
    NotifyDevice *AP_Notify::_devices[] = {&boardled, &toshibaled, &tonealarm, &oreoled};
    NotifyDevice *AP_Notify::_devices[] = {&boardled, &toshibaled, &tonealarm};


I added Display_SSD1306_I2C display; to the PX4 Hal but I did not remove the others.

When Mirko added Display_SSD1306_I2C display; for the BBBmini is only added that one device

        Display_SSD1306_I2C display;
        NotifyDevice *AP_Notify::_devices[] = {&display};


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