Here, people can come together who want to order together BBBMINI PCBs. Maybe some people have left even BBBMINI PCBs from an order that they want pass on to other people.

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I should have a few capes ready for sale around mid September i guess. 

I'm located in germany and if you're interested and located in/near Europe please chime in. 



I can help pitch in on some Boards or can Have a batch made for US shipping if needed.. Thanks for all your work.

Hi - I'm in the UK, and I'd be interested to join in this if possible, Phil

I would definitely be interested in contributing to a PCB, provided cost < $30/unit.  I'm in California.

Hi Linus, any update?

PM me I have 4 left


Sorry guys,

got somehow unsubscribed from this thread-

I have a few complete BBBMINI Kits available right now, if someone wants one PM me.



Hello Jon Paul

Do you still have board available ?

I'm from Canada


yes I do, PM me plz... 

Hi guys,
I am interested in a rev 1.5 PCB. Any spares floating around Germany?

Thanks, Dirk

I have an extra 1.4 board I'll pop into the mail for someone in the US. (only because the shipping would be cheap)


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