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Automatic Takeoff Settings for Ardupilot

See this link for an indepth description on how to set up your plane for; Hand Launch Bungee Launch Catapult Launch Runway Ground tests Arduplane can automatically launch a wide range of aircraft View »

Bungee launcher by HK

I have just ordered one of these bungee ramps from HK and will post some videos in May or June, as it has to be shipped to the UK from the USA. You tension the bungee by fixing one end onto a stake,… View »

C-Astral catapult 2 Comments

Here is a short video showing a launch that was done in Dublin during January 2013. Chocks Away! The catapult folds away into a large ruck sack along with the Bramor UAV. Note the cradle is mounted o… View »

Skywalker X8 catapult built by Bret Binnekade

Skywalker X8 catapult built by Bret Binnekade View »

AVA Catapult for Delta Wings

2.5Kg Catapult Launch System 2.5 - 6 Kg Catapult Video on YouTube of AVA Catapult View »

Skywalker 2013 Catapult

Video of Crow UAV pneumatic catapult launch View »

Bormatec Catapult

We bought a catapult in 2012, but after the novelty wore off and the hassel of transporting it to site, setting up into wind, we just found it easier to hand launch our Maja! If you fly solo, then a… View »


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