After a coupla years of thought and compromises and decisions on how to make a rigid small CNC machine this is what I've come up with.

It will be cast solid aluminum which is the only real solution for the rigidity issue. If you could do it in cast iron it would be perfect. However this seems to me to be the best compromise after a lot of thought and trials. 

This is a moving table design not a moving gantry design.

We plan to make the casting sometime after the 6th of January when I have help from the rest of my team here working on another project. 

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I'm working on the frame. I've been cutting the frame out of steel on the bridgeport. It is so large it is a bit difficult, in the future I believe we will have these water cut beyond this prototype.

I have also received the three main Axis ballscrews and the 2 off axis worm drives for the trunnion table.

Progress is a little slow but here is where we are today. It hard to setup this huge chunk of steel and still work on the other 4 projects I have going. One of which is a rocket turbopump.

I made progress on the bed yesterday! I'll post some photo's later the machine is about to take shape :)

This block is one half of the bed way 2 of these on each machine. Now to cut the dovetail

Slow but steady progress on the machine now the base is put together and I'm squaring everything up!

Time for an update! The Y=Axis is nearly complete. These 2 photo's show the Y-axis plate and gib that the table bolts onto. The second photo shows clearance for the bearing blocks to pass into the base. Next up bearing blocks and table.

I have the steel for the X-Axis on hand and expect to cut the dovetail on it on Monday.

The X-Axis has caught up with the Y and now I'll be working on the bearing blocks and alignment.

Wow Monroe! You are going all the way on this one.


Yeah if I didn't have to round robin everything I'm doing it would happen faster! I'm still working on the tracker and the cubesat as well as the turbopump projects and the X-12A.

But the CNC does look like it will be the first to get finished!

I put up an antenna tower to mount my tracker on check this out!


R. D. Starwalt said:

Wow Monroe! You are going all the way on this one.


We will need some testers out there soon! I think we need 5 good people out there to really thrash this machine and try to break it! Hopefully by February we will have the complete package ready.

Will the holes in the 'U' part be used for attachments or are they for 'cool' factor?

I doubt they would take much weight off the total system.

Looking great Monroe!

My Momus is also moving along slowly, but the outside of base and sound hood are done, windows are in the hood.

I am just being obsessive with finish quality. I want someone to look at it and say 'Wow! Do you want to sell it?'



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