helloo...i just build my quadcopter on kk multicopter board v5.5. The construction part gone great, but when i started controlling it through RC, am not being able to provide equal rpm to all the rotors for throttle up and down.
So would u please suggest me some way, how to control throttle up and down initially...
A little help from u wud be appreciable...!!

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One thing you should do is calibrate all of your ESCs. This teaches the ESC the upper and lower rates of your remote and control board. Depending on the ESC you have you should also program them for things like

This is from http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/initial-setup/esc-motor/

Recommended ESC settings as follows:

  1. Brake: OFF
  2. Battery Type: Ni-xx(NiMH or NiCd)  (even if you’re using Li-po batteries this setting reduces the likelihood that the ESC’s low voltage detection will turn off the motors)
  3. CutOff Mode: Soft-Cut (Default)
  4. CutOff Threshold: Low
  5. Start Mode: Normal (Default)
  6. Timing: MEDIUM

Just google Calibrate ESC and read the manual on how to program your particular ESCs. I had the same issue where one motor wouldn't even spin. Once I calibrated them they all appear to spin the same now.

Good luck


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