Hello everyone!

This is a call to all Ardupilot users and UAV enthusiasts to have our first meetup in Greece. We might be a smal groupl but I am sure we can do a lot of great stuff together.

I am open to suggestions regarding the location of the meeting. I am more constrained by the time, as I do not live permanently in Greece, so if the meeting doesn't take place during the Christmas break I would have to plan in advance a visit here.

The meetup could be an informal chat at a cafe or we could do something more formal, with a couple presentations, regarding UAVs in general and then move on to more specific stuff, like ardupilot and even how to make our own autopilot.

Let's make this happen!



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you know Dimitris this my idea ..but never mind ..i live in Ioannina but i am from Serres ..it seems to be difficult but if we want we ll make the meeting 

OK, I think it's a good idea to have a web hangout first. Only a handful of people. Then we can discuss  about a real life meeting and see what options we have. Should we arrange a hangout for sometime next week?


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