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  • Guys the thing din't even start and we started fighting ??I guess its in our nature to be like this and object in anything new.. this is maybe why we never succeeded as a nation. Γιατί να έχουμε αυτη τη γα!#@$νη λογική να πεθανει η κατσικα του γειτονα ???

    The guys said to make a new forum and from my part they are welcome to do so and i will help them as much as i can. i understand that there maybe exist other forums in our language in almost the same topic but the idea born here in this discussion is to make a more specific forum about fpv uav ect.(in greek)

    Anyone that does not like the idea is welcome not to register to it and not participate but in order for a forum to function and succeed it needs as many people as it can.

    That said i also as dimitris said before see something different than a pure help a friend forum will be out ....

  • All members from here and other people that knows for UAVs and drones is welcome as administrators. The point is to make a site that goes the hobby in Greece far and of course to knows to people that not speak very good English (like me) :)
    Please let's do this site.
    Pm your email to speak in Greek (epitelous)
    My email as request by pm
  • I agree with you Babis, but I think that at the end we all have the same goal. The way I understood it from Spyros, is that this new website will be a place to discuss about our drones but also to help people get off the ground, by providing tutorials and videos(in Greek). I see this as a local effort to jump start this sector in our recession-battered country. I don't mind about admins/members and of course this is a non profit project. If there is a way to do something similar here then we can go ahead, I don't mind. It's purely an effort to do something we all like and help other people. If it turns out to be something different from what I am describing I will be the first to be out.

  • The target is to make our drones to work better with our conversation. Not to make different groups and make admits and members. This is my opinion friendly always Babis

  • I talked with Spyros Avlonitis regarding the new forum idea and we decided to go ahead with it. The fpv.gr domain that he suggested seems like a good option and we can have the site up and running in a couple of days. If you are interested to join this effort, please send me your e-mail and I will start a new conversation over e-mail where we can talk about the details of this attempt.


  • http:http://www.goodluckbuy.com/index.php?target=products&produ...

    This is the project I work for parallel with a hexacopter all of  themselves have APM 2.5.2

  • Larissa no gimbal QAV500 FPV Practice

  • ok guys setup a forum already..

    Let's make it work ...

  • http://youtu.be/60spEHlimus

    This is fresh from today in Hellinikon is from ground station dvr so the resolution is low. I put some HD videos from today later in my YouTube channel, with auto tekeof and wayponts.

  • i don't have problem with installation bat with ideas, peoples to put comments and writers. I can build the site in 30mins bat i want writers. If this is good idea all peoples is welcome to write as administrators. I dont have much time, bat i can some time to build it.

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Καλησπερα σε ολη την ομαδα με λενε ΒΑΣΙΛΗ. Κατ αρχην να ξεκαθαρισω οτι δεν εχω αρκετη εμπειρια με τον μοντελισμο και καθολου με το ardupilot εχω ομως μεγαλη εμπειρια και γνωσεις αυτοματισμου. Το θεμα λοιπον που θα ηθελα να μοιραστω μαζι σας ειναι οτι σκεφτομαι να βαλω  στο σκαφος ενα ardupiloτ apm 2.8 απο το ebay με σκοπο να υπαρχει λειτουργια rtl σε περιπτωση απωλειας σηματος απο την τηλεκατευθηνση.Το σκαφος ομως εκτος απο πηδαλιο και κινητηρα εχει και ενα  εξτρα σερβο για την απελευθερωση του…

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Will be in Naflio this summer with family (married a Greek).

Are there any specific regulations about UAV flying I need to be aware of. Obviously common sense applies (no plans to fly over military installations, property or people). I was thinking of doing and autonomous flight around the Bourtzi and a very early morning one over or around the Castle. Is that asking for trouble? Is 433 Mhz or 915 Mhz control advisable.Anyone got any good mission waypoints they have done?Marc

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προβλημα με το GPS

θα με τρελανει αυτο το πραγμα... ενω ολα ηταν οκ και πεταγε μια χαρα ξαφνικα το GPS αρχισε να μην πιανει κανεναν δορυφορο.Μετα απο πολλη ψαξιμο κατεληξα οτι μαλλον ηταν το καλωδιο η  η επαφη του βυσματος.( το gps το τσεκαρα με την rabbit και δουλευει).Αλλαξα το καλωδιο και για σιγουρια εβαλα στο old style gps. Παρολο αυτα συνεχιζει πιανει οποτε θελει.Δεν εχει καποια χρονικα στανταρ. Μπορει να πιασει μπορει να περιμενεις και να μην πιασει ποτε.reset erase ktl τα εκανα ολα.

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