Does anyone have a recommendation for a 3-axis gimbal for an Iris+?

The only option I have found out there is the DYS 3 Axis.  Are there any others that work with a GoPro Hero 4 Black?

Thanks, erik


If someone who owns a DYS and an Iris sees this, I have a few questions:

  1. Does the DYS integrate with pixhawk?
    • Meaning in auto missions or follow me, will the Iris+ be able to tilt the camera up and down to keep the subject in frame?
  2. Is there an interface plate, or do I have to find someone to 3D print one for me?
  3. Does the DYS work with a GoPro 4 black?
  4. How are the vibration levels?
  5. Is it difficult to install
    • Complicated software config I can handle, but on the hardware side I'm pretty awful at soldering and tend to really mess things up.

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Yep, I run the same SD Card in my GoPro Hero 4 Black.  Seems to do just fine.

Raw video off of the P3 looks really good in my opinion, even at 4K.

As said just about everywhere else, prop balance and proper dampers seem to be the key.  My DYS has way too soft dampers, and I think that contributes to some of the unwanted movements in my videos.  Tried using the DJI white damper balls in the DYS holes, too big.  Have to see if Tarot dampers will fit.


 After reading all the posts in this thread, seeking a 3 axis gimal for Iris+ has a long way to go ...

I am standing at a crossroads : Solo, Phantom3 or a better gimbal for Iris+.

Disappointed at Iris+, I have trouble having a confidence in Solo until I am totally convinced by numerous user footages.

I have and Iris and an x8. I use the DYS 3 axis gimble on both, total plug and play with no tweeking. I use the factory mounting plates on both ships and bought no aftermarket brackets. Had to install a stepdown bec on the x8 because its runng 4s. Too many volts for the gimble. Or you can install a little 3 cell lipo to independently run the gimble. Great gimble for the money!!!

Buy an inspire!!!!!Love mine!

The black tarot dampners will fit. I use them on both my dys gimbles on Iris and x8. Still dealing with some vibrations. I think the standoffs are hitting the thru holes on the upper plate, so im going to dremil out the holes bigger so they do not contact the standoffs.

At first I was all excited about the solo, but from reading some of the problems think I will wait. I was kind of swaying away from the dji stuff due to poor quality and bad service, but now messing with pixhawk and open source hardware, im leaning back to dji. Still messing with PIDs in the iris and x8 to make them hold in loiter. Just bought the inspire which was ready to fly out of the box, My x8 and iris flew like crap until I did a compass calibration. for a while hated phantoms, but now the p3 brought back my confidence. Friends have been flying the snot out of them and when I flew a inspire for a few hrs, loved so much I bought one. My local dji dealer told me that DJI has hire double the employees and moved to a bigger facility to stay ahead of the game.  

I heard back from XProHeli, this is what they had to say about the SteadyGo...

The main reason we swtiched to the SteadyGo is because it is solid, has high torque motors and requires no tuning or parameter changes. It just works - and it comes with a warranty.

I personally have not tested this gimbal under an Iris+ yet but we do have a another Iris unit in route which I plan to test the gimbal out on. 

In all my other test using the XP2 I have been getting excellent results. The gimbal is very solid and the footage I am getting is some of the best I have got from a gopro gimbal setup. 

The only thing that is tricky with this gimbal is the tilt control. The dedicated tilt channel needs to be centered for the gimbal to remain in static position, so any + or - input above or below the center of the channel tilts the camera up or down. On my radio I have a 3 way switch set so that the center position of the switch matches the center sweep of the tilt channel, so to tilt down I flip the switch down and then flip the switch back to center when I get the gopro to the desired angle. To tilt back up I flip the switch up and then back to center to stop. 

Hope that helps

Ive also attached user guide for your reference. 

Let me know if you have any questions


I'm getting footage easily on par with the Solo test footage, and equal to my dad's Inspire.  It did take some adjustment.

There are now 2 new awesome gimblas that I would definitely look into, and would actually buy if someone wants to buy my fully-tuned DYS SMART.


Both run Alexmos 32 bit, and both look phenomenal.

I would hate to buy a gimbal I couldn't tune.  See my post above for some suggestions that look as good as the steadygo but are tunable.

Before I bought another DYS, I would like to see actual footage from the Gimbal...

I agree, but if it really has the Alexmos 32 bit and the integrated cabling as shown, I suspect it will be amazing.

I just bought 2 of them from get FPV. Com


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