Annoying yaw movements Iris+ - how to tune them away

I am using my Iris+ for about half a year now. Without any major issues. All is running smooth.

There is just one annoying issue that with a 2-axis gimbal (Tarot) I always need post video stabilization as there are strongly visible yaw movements.

I have seen other raw videos on youtube and it seems that some persons get much better yaw stability.

I tried tuning the PIDs with minor success. Basically I am able to tune down the amplitude of the yaw movements, change their frequency, but so far have not gotten them to a level which I found appropriate.

Anyone having good experiences with that?For me it's hard to accept that I would need a 3 axis gimbal. I still hope it can be fixed by a good tuning.

Currently my PIDs for yaw are like that:

rate P  0.7

rate D 0.008

rate i 0.03

stab P 10.0

Anyone having better values? Anyone having a good idea on the tuning strategy? Less stab P and tryin to solve it via the rate values?

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Yes, all in STB.


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