Hi everyone,

I need your help for my order from 3DR store.

I have ordered IRIS+ back in 19 May 2015.
It has passed for about a month now but it didn't even start to ship.

If I see the tracking information that they have given me, it just says "Label created".
When I called FedEx they said that they haven't received the package.
So I have created couple of tickets in 3DR site, and sent several emails complaining
about the delayed shipment, but they are not answering.

Anyone had similar experience?

If you did, how or to whom did you contact to solve the issue?

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Need experienced aerospace product support people... the IT folk won't get them there, IMHO.

Need experienced aerospace product support people... to reply to an email....? LOL

This reply is not necessarily related to the IRIS specifically, but related to 3DR customer service.

It seems like in the course of expanding operations, 3DRobotics has sacrificed their core principles in order to sell new product. 

I own a Pixhawk flight controller, and I need to order a couple of new cables amounting to $3.00. However, they have recently revamped their web site and online store with the release of the Solo quad-copter. Now, the only shipping option is FedEx for $10.00. 

Maybe Vu Tran and Chris Anderson can chime in on this, but why isn't there a cheaper shipping option for smaller orders? I feel like you guys (not you two specifically, but 3DR in general) are not paying attention to the customers in many cases, and that's why this thread was started. 

I emailed customer service, and just now had an actual phone call with customer service. Both, ended a response like, "sir, the only shipping option is FedEx"; to which I replied, "I know, that's why I'm contacting you. I'd like to see if you can do something about that."

I'm not optimistic that anything will change, but let it be known that in the race to out-do DJI you guys seem to be leaving your existing customers in the dust, and it's making them a little angry.

I don't think its a matter of being angry, cause I'm definitely not angry, but rather about constantly being disappointed, only to hear that don't worry it will happen, only to get nowhere slow and be let down again. An individual can only accept disappointment for so long before they just lose all hope. 

I've always felt for a business your only as good as your word and ones ability to uphold it. I'm not saying things don't happen, cause it would be unrealistic to think that, however at some point in time there needs to be change. The growing pains must be overcome eventually, otherwise success is impossible. 

Some customers rely upon these tools to complete their tasks, and by not being able to complete their work also puts their credibility at risk. As a consumer, we can only be understanding for so long before we must (and are pretty much forced to) go find something else to do.

For example, I received an email even thanking me for being one of the first Solo users, asking me to report any issues, when I had received a Solo as of yet, n'or was I scheduled to receive one until June 22.

After saying they could not figure out what happened and would contact me back to let me know what happened. Only after I reached out to them a few times did they say that they had no idea, must have been an error. And now today I get an email saying my pre order's been pushed back till July 15th.

While I do appreciate more than anything the offer of a free battery as a result of the gimbal delay (I never personally intended on the gimbal right away anyway), the free battery is absolutely useless if I never receive my Solo to use it with, (winter here starts Oct-Early Nov and at -40*C flying is out of the question) and now according an email the batteries are pushed till July15th.

So did this overload of batteries put to much pressure on production? If so why risk pushing the release further back?

And what if what occurred today with the push back occurs again? Then i'll have been waiting for nothing again, forcing me to scramble to find an alternative such as a Phantom 3 to make up lost time.

Most have no problem waiting, if they know that it will happen on the date they've been told, but when thats not possible, and the dates continuously come and go, then how could anyone put any form of faith in it actually ever happening? It would almost like be saying it may or may not on time, we don't really know, but keep hope anyway. 

You can't be effective at completing your goals/work or meeting the demand, relying on service that is insufficient.

At one point (I'd say a little over a year ago) 3DR ordering was actually pleasant, now it's become a nightmare...

I hate to add to the list, but I've had some serious issues as well. I ordered a Pixhawk more than 3 weeks ago through a local reseller. At the time they told me they didn't have any but some were to come in "any day".  Well here we are three weeks later,  called them again today and I got the same response. They are out of stock at 3DR, should be "any day" ... So resellers also apparently have similar problems.

Meanwhile  I've read that stock is replenished regularly and it's never more than 3-5 days away? So what is now the current expected wait time?

I think it'd be good if 3DR added some information besides "out of stock" or not. Something like "expected availability on x/y ...

I really want to buy this one from 3DR as this is for a customer and I'd like full support for them. But frankly given the premium price over clones it's disappointing to find out that  prompt delivery is not included in that price right now ...

Vu Tran, sending you an e-mail. Thanks.

Hi Jason,

We're actually changing that.  We'll be adding back the USPS option, with and without insurance.  I'll get back to you with a time frame.

Hi John,

We've added the back order capability back in the store now.  I apologize for the frustration as we implement our new site.  

For Pixhawks, we get new inventory almost every day and every day we pretty much sell out so in the store, it shows as out of stock.  However, if you order (now that you can), we'll be able to fill your order within 3-5 business days when the new shipments come in.  

For special urgent cases, you can always reach out to me and I'll see what I can do to expedite your order.

Vu, thanks for the quick response. Successfully ordered!

Hi Vu,

I can't use the back order capability of the store (tried to order the uBlox GPS)

best regards


Same here. Still no stock level indicator. And why we use this thread to communicate with 3DR in these matters is beyond me (well, not really since it seems to be the only working channel).

If it's out of stock, it will show out of stock. If it doesn't show that it's in stock. We don't plan to show exact stock levels anytime soon (it's not meaningful if customers don't know order volume)

See it now. sorry for that. Should have tested on some more products before bursting out.


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