So I was thinking about using to build a custom case for traveling(locally) with the IRIS.
I'm not sure if I would want to have the IRIS part of the case or not but what would you include for a spot in the case?

I came up with:

Tablet Radio
Extra Propellers
Extra Short Legs
Extra Arms
Extra Battery 1
Extra Battery 2
Extra Battery 3
Extra Battery 4
Zip Ties
Wire Cutter
1.5mm Allen Key
2mm Allen Key
3mm Allen Key
Propeller Wrench
Battery Charger
Battery Charger Cables

Anything you've noticed that would of been nice while you were out in the field that I missed?

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This looks good to me. I have my spare parts in another box and use my phone not a tab, but other than that I have just about all of those things in my case and I cant think of really anything else id need

Perhaps a divided parts box to hold misc. hardware (screws, locktight, and such)

Good call I like that.

I would add the gimbal if not attached, the camera (gopro or so) with housing

Possibly a space for a power-pack for the tablet,  USB cables, extra batteries for the TX,  if your charger is 12v in then the power supply

Thanks for the ideas, Joe...

If the tablet didn't already get about 10 hours of battery I would add a power pack, but that just seems redundant, I'd just go plug it in when I plug in the batteries, unless you were just talking about the AC adapter, that would work.

Is there a rechargeable battery-pack for the transmitter?

I may or may-not go with a gopro, I like what GoPro does, I just wish they had a "Pro" line of products or something. That sensor, although getting 4K video now with the Hero4 at 30fps, I wish they would go a little bigger with the camera and make the sensor larger... I would pay extra for a larger sensor... It's about the sensor, not the pixels, don't be fooled... Also it's so wide, I know you can put it in medium mode, but that's pointless, all it does is crop the senor, you could do that in post if you wanted to.... But this is a discussion for another time, I'm done with my GoPro rant.

Is it any cheaper than the case sold by 3DR? The case for the IRIS is $280.


yes that tablet usually has a much longer battery life than the bird. But with GPS on and the radio draining from the USB port, I am always on the safe side and have either my car USB charger connected or my battery pack in the backpack ( 

There are rechargeable batteries that fit the FrySky transmitter. Check the other postings in the community for the different choices.

As for the GoPro it becomes a tough challenge to find someting that meets the payload limitations of the Iris. And you are right, that is a different tale. For now I am ok with my Gopro 3+ Black.

Most Injection Molded cases are under $150, and there's cheaper material and soft bag versions too.

Laptop, Pretty much the only reason I didn't buy the Iris case, If you are taking that much gear into the field, to me, it's a lot easier to program and/or troubleshoot on a laptop, then a Tablet.

Not sure if you plan to take the Iris on a plane. For my trip two weeks ago, I purchased the Pelican 1511 foam from Amazon for $35 and put it in an old 22 in TravelPro. I was able to take it with me on the plane. The case was big enough to carry the Iris, a B6AC charger, 8 props, Black Pearl monitor, legs, all cables, gimbal, etc. Everything but the radio and batteries as I had to keep the batteries in the LiPo bag. For most normal use when traveling by car, I just take the Iris and a backpack that I kept the radio and batteries.


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