I am trying to add a discovery buzzer to my Iris+, it is a receiver type, I am very new to the hobby. I have done many searches to find out how. I don't understand. how to program the transmitter for the switch I want to use and the receiver channel I have it on. 

If I could get some help I would be greatly appreciated

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If you are running Copter 3.3 it has the LOST copter option you can set to CH7/CH8 switch to sounds the buzzer.

Or you can enable the sound by holding the right stick down and right (mode 2) i.e. roll max PWM, pitch max PWM 

The copter needs to be disarmed and throttle at zero as well

how do I find out what Copter I am using, I figure that is a version, is that for the pixhawk? or the software for the computer? 

Thank you for the quick response.

Dennis Harmon

Easiest way to check your version is to connect it to your computer via USB, launch Mission Planner, and hit connect in the top right corner (assuming the correct COM port and baud rate are chosen).  Once it connects, you will see the version of Mission Planner and APM:Copter version in the very top left of the screen.  When Bill is referring to Copter 3.3, he is referring to the firmware that is running on the Pixhawk.  The current stable version of the Copter firmware available today is 3.3.2.  If the Pixhawk already has 3.3 on it, then you can upgrade to 3.3.2 without issue and the Lost Copter Alarm is already available to you.  If you are still running a version of 3.2  (probably 3.2.1) on your Iris, then you can still upgrade to 3.3.2; however, you will need to recalibrate accelerometers and then go ahead and recalibrate the compass as well.  There will also be a parameter or two that you will need to adjust in order to keep everything the same.  The one parameter that jumps to mind is the SERIAL2_PROTOCOL parameter.  It will need to be set to "3" (FrSky D-PORT) in order for the telemetry that shows up on your radio to keep working correctly.  Let me know if you need help with any of this and I can try to help walk you through it.

ok, I upgraded to 3.3.2 set the compass, not sure how to recalibrate accelerometers,(but will keep looking), the question I have where do I hook the discovery buzzer to, is it the receiver or the pixhawk? also, where is the Lost Copter alarm, to turn it on? and how do I set up the radio to set it up for switch 7.

Thanks for the help

Alright so you need to do the accelerometer calibration before doing a compass calibration as I believe the compass uses the accelerometer offsets when doing its calibration (although I could be wrong here and please correct me if I am Bill).  Also, its the accelerometer that really needs recalibrated as the acceptable range increase when going from 3.2 up to 3.3.  In order to calibrate the accels, you go to the same section where compass calibration was.  In Mission Planner, go to "Initial Setup", then Mandatory Hardware, then Accel Calibration.  Click the button that says Calibrate Accel (not Calibrate Level) and follow the onscreen instructions.  Calibrate Accel calibrates all three axes whereas Calibrate Level only calibrates one axis.  To activate Lost Copter alarm, simply move the right stick to the bottom right corner and hold.  You will hear a loud beeping sound if it works correctly.  See if that will work for you before deciding whether you want to install the Discovery Beeper.  If you still want to install the Discovery Beeper, there are actually several things you will need to do.  You will need to decide whether you want to put it on channel 7 or 8.  If you want channel 8, you will need to setup channel 8 on your radio (assuming you are using stock Iris radio) and do a radio calibration in Mission Planner.  Channel 7 is already setup on the radio, so you could bypass that step if you want to use it. You will then need to hook the beeper up to channel 7 or 8 port on Pixhawk and configure that port for PWM Passthrough.  This is done via a couple of parameters in the Full Parameter list in Mission Planner.  Let me know how you want to proceed and I will walk you through the steps.

done the accelerometer calibration, I went ahead and redid the compass calibration.

I would like to go ahead and put the discovery beeper on the channel 7, I am using the stock radio, I have it plugged into ch 7 of the pixhawk, now. 

thanks for the help

Ok if you are using Channel 7, then I believe you will only need to change 2 parameters.  Go to the config/tuning tab in Mission Planner and then go to Full Parameter List.  Most likely a window will pop up warning you that min and maxes aren't checked in the full parameter list.  Just hit ok to make that go away.

All parameters are in alphabetical order to make them easy to find.

First you need to change CH7_OPT to 0 (zero).  This sets it to "Do Nothing". After you type 0, hit enter.  See wiki link here for parameter name and setting:


Next you need to scroll down and set RC7_FUNCTION to 1 for "RCPassThru".  Again, after you type 1, hit enter.  See wiki link here for parameter name and setting:


Finally, you need to hit the "Write Params" button over on the right hand side of the screen.  This will write the parameters to the Pixhawk.

At this point, it should be good to go.  Essentially you have told the Pixhawk that whatever signal it receives on channel 7 from the receiver, should be passed straight through to the channel 7 output.  I'm assuming the buzzer activates on a high PWM signal.  So flipping the switch high should activate the buzzer.  I can't remember which switch on the radio is set to channel 7 by default, but I believe it's the 2 position switch on the top left of the radio.

I'm also assuming the Pixhawk can supply enough power to this buzzer and doesn't actually need a separate BEC for power.  Good luck and let me know if this works.

ok I tried the 2 settings, and no sound, from the buzzer, also since I upgraded to the new version, my left stick is backwards, I have to pull down for throttle up, How do I change that back to normal? do you think it might need a BEC for the buzzer?

I wasn't talking about connecting an external lost model discovery beer, but the built in mode using the pixhawk buzzer that has been implemented.

As for using an external beeper, using RC7 in passthru makes sense, I am not if that works with copter, inly plane. I would need to test to see if that is the case. (i'll try to find some time)

In the past I have enabled RC7 as camera tilt output and connected the Input CH7


CH7 Option as camera trigger an set the servo limits

You may have to make sure the red safety button is pressed and solid red (ready to arm). Not sure if it will pass through the PWM signals when it is still blinking red. I'll hook a servo up tomorrow and make sure it works like I think it should. As Bill said, another way to do it is to set it up like its a camera gimbal. That will pass through the PWM signals as well. I'll reach back out tomorrow.

off subject, how do I change my throttle around, right now it is backwards, I have to pull down to throttle up, How do I change that back to normal?


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