I am trying to add a discovery buzzer to my Iris+, it is a receiver type, I am very new to the hobby. I have done many searches to find out how. I don't understand. how to program the transmitter for the switch I want to use and the receiver channel I have it on. 

If I could get some help I would be greatly appreciated

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check RC3_REV is set to 1

Ok I just finished messing around with everything.  So it doesn't look like RC Passthru works on channels 1-8 as they have a 400Hz refresh rate and standard servos need a 50Hz refresh rate (at least this is what I've read so far in the Wiki and since I don't have an oscilliscope at home, I can't test it).  So you can only setup passthru on channels 9-14.  I have a Taranis that is capable of using 16 channels, so I can setup RC Passthru on channels 9-14 without issue; however, given that you are using the stock 8 channel radio, that is not going to be possible.  You do have another option though.  As Bill said below, you can configure the camera gimbal settings to use channel 7 as the input and choose your output channel to be channel 9.  Here's how you do it.

Connect to Mission Planner and go to the Initial Setup tab.  Then go to Optional Hardware and then Camera Gimbal section.

Screen shot can be found here:


Next, set the Tilt Channel to RC9, set the Input Channel to RC7.  Also make sure the Gimbal Type is set to Servo (should be by default). I think that's all you need to do; however, to be on the safe side, set the Servo Limits to a Min of 1000 and a Max of 2000.

Once you've done that, you can disconnect from Mission Planner and power cycle the board.  The new gimbal settings take effect after power cycling.

Connect the buzzer to channel 9 on the pixhawk (Aux1).  Boot back up and channel 7 input from the radio should output it's signal on channel 9 on the Pixhawk.  I just tested it on my Iris and it works fine.

This is obviously not ideal if you are actually using a gimbal and want to control tilt.  If you are using a gimbal and are controlling tilt, then you can simply use the gimbal pan or roll settings instead of tilt.  Just hook the buzzer up to channel 10 (Aux2), set the roll channel to RC10 and the roll input channel to RC7 and it should work just the same.

I hope this works for you!  I promise I just tested this method with my Iris (my input was 8 and output was 9) and it worked perfectly.  I wasn't hooked up to a buzzer but was hooked up to a servo and the servo responded with the channel 8 inputs as expected.

Ok Bill I checked the RC3_REV it is at 1, for the throttle control,

ok I changed RC3_REV to -1 and the throttle is now correct, which parameter is it for the pitch it is reversed also, I am looking in the wiki, trying to find stuff for the pitch. 

That's correct, it should go from ~1100 to ~1900 in the Failsafe window. If you need to reverse a channel do it on the controller is the preference

thank you Bill, help out a bunch, in the controller wiki, it states that if you need to reverse a stick, it is best to do in the radio, instead of the pixhawk, How would I go about doing this?

Hi Bill just a quick question i can enable the lost copter to a switch and it works great but i can't seem to get it to work with the stick combo it was working but then stopped after i did the setup wizard. is there something i need to do to enable this function? i would rather use he stick combo over the switch.


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