I'm wondering if anyone has added a FPV kit to the IRIS. I would be interested in how and where to mount the parts (camera, transmitter with antenna, additional battery?).

Would there be enough space in the shell? If anyone has done this already, please post some pictures.

Thanks, and best regards, Udo

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I have the Gimbal & Transmitter powered from the cable that comes out the bottom of the Iris next to the Br,R,Or   I am going to do more accurate testing later this week.  I have a battery coming that will be around 4400ma     I just have to figure out what logs I should be looking at.   but it will be test with everything on as that is how I will mostly be using it. 

Brief video shot on a blustery (gusts to 15 knots).

Gimbal and FPV to yaw Iris


finally i got my FPV-Set for my IRIS:

  • 5,8 Ghz ImmersionRC Transmitter, 25 mW
  • 5,8 Ghz ImmersionRC Receiver Uno 5800
  • CMOS FPV-Kamera 600TVL, 5V
  • 5,8 GHz ImmersionRC Circular Antennas
  • I build some cheap goggles from a small car LCD monitor, like described here: http://diydrones.com/profiles/blogs/ghetto-fpv-goggles 

I'm powering the transmitter and the camera from the 12 Volt gimbal power cable which comes out at the bottom of the IRIS (I don't use a gimbal).

The camera is hot glued to a piece of cork, secured with some zip ties, as well as the transmitter and antenna.I guess it wouldn't win a price for beauty, but it's working for me. :-)

Works fine so far, but I still need to practice a lot to get used to flying FPV... :-)

Best regards,



I have a few threads on the 3dr facebook page.


Ive mounted the gear on the back arms .

Its overloaded in that phot,o, but with jsut a gopro on front its super light.


Very nice FPV setup. Are you powering the TX from the main Iris battery as well? And could you perhaps share the full list of parts to get? Links? Would help a lot for a newbie like myself.



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